Liza Karsemeijer
Freelance journalist & copywriter - Rome, Italy

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About Liza

Elizabeth Karsemeijer (1991) is a freelance journalist and copywriter. Based in Rome, she writes about culture, design, travel, Italy, and more, both in Dutch and English. Interviews, reports and research are her thing: she loves to dive into a topic and leave no stone unturned.

She writes for several national Dutch media, but also published her work in English titles, such as Holland Herald (KLM's in-flight travel magazine) and Inside Rotterdam Magazine. Furthermore, she gained experience as an editor in chief. Besides being a journalist, she regularly works as a copywriter for different brands and companies, whether that means translating, writing a clear corporate story that explains what a company stands for, or coming up with creative ideas for corporate blog articles.

Liza has a background in media and communication (she graduated from the International Bachelor of Communication and Media at Erasmus University in 2012). In August 2014, she graduated cum laude in Journalism and New Media at Leiden University. After a break of six months, in which she studied Spanish in Argentina and explored the US, she started working as a freelance journalist.

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