Liza Karsemeijer
Freelance journalist & copywriter - Rome, Italy

Journalism (EN)




Who I work for


I write about culture, design, travel, entrepreneurship and more; both in English and Dutch. Some of my employers:

  • Holland Herald (English-language inflight travel magazine issued by KLM; circulation 500,000)
  • Inside Rotterdam (English-language magazine aimed at expats and internationals)
  • Elsevier (Dutch national weekly; circulation 83,000)
  • Italië Magazine (Dutch magazine about Italy)
  • (Dutch online platform about Italy)
  • Kampioen (travel magazine for members of the Dutch organisation for traffic and tourism)
  • Uitagenda Rotterdam Magazine (free cultural magazine of Rotterdam in Dutch; circulation 55,000), for which I was also the editor in chief for 6 months
  • Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch national newspaper; circulation 370,000)
  • Metro Mode (fashion edition of Dutch national newspaper Metro Nieuws, circulation 510,000).




Views Magazine
editor & sub-editor
November 2016 - March 2018

Views Magazine is a publication with 10 in-depth interviews with well-known, Dutch YouTubers. They tell about their past, dreams and future. Views Magazine does not work with advertisers and consists of 10 separate productions, including photography and art work. I'm responsible for the general editing and sub-editing.


Uitagenda Rotterdam
ad interim editor in chief
August 2016 - January 2017

For a period of 6 months, I managed and produced the free cultural magazine of Rotterdam. I lead a team of journalists, illustrators and photographers, and worked together with the art direction team. I also wrote articles myself. I currently still work for Uitagenda as a freelance editor. The online editions of the magazines I made can be opened by clicking on them.


Meisjes aan de Maas
founder & editor in chief
December 2013 - September 2017

During my master's studies in journalism, I founded online magazine 'Meisjes aan de Maas' ('girls at the river Maas'), about lifestyle in Rotterdam. In two years, the website became a journalism platform with a team of 7 contributing editors and photographers. I managed the editorial team, was the sub-editor and coordinator.